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Picking Up The Pieces [Eleven + Clara]

Things had been a bit…odd, as of late. What considering the way his time stream had been going, and how things with his companion had been, the Doctor hardly managed a moment to sit and think. Which, in the long run, he deemed was probably better (he did tend to overthink everything), but for now, all it was doing was overwhelming his thoughts.

He’d always been great at avoiding his problems. But today, if only for today, he decided to tackle at least one. After all, Clara had been the one constant in his life. Even before his TARDIS, and far before he’d ever known it. 

His thin knuckles rapped against the door of her flat, rocking back and forth on his heels as his eyes scanned around him, trying to do something, anything other than dwell.

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Hey kids. So my custom major application is in, so…I’m back. 

I’m going to post an open para tonight when I get back from work (10:30 EST or so), but if anyone wants something specific let me know. I’ve missed this group sorely!

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Total Eclipse of the Heart || Whouffle


Clara’s face grew softer, her expression changing from the sudden anger to a more subtle one with a hint of disappointment. “Nothing happened, but that doesn’t mean you’re invincible.” He of all people should know that, but she acknowledges that it’s just like the Doctor to brush something like that to the side. As if it isn’t necessary to worry about him. “I told you I’d stay, didn’t I? Promised I’d stick around whether you changed back to normal or not.” What appeared to be an entirely plausible chance to him wasn’t even an option for her. No matter how much someone screws up, on purpose or accident, there’s no possible way for Clara to just cut out. Even if she wanted to. “Do you really have that little confidence in me, Doctor?”

"I’m not trying to say I’m invincible," He insisted with a quiet scoff. "I’m just sayin’ that you make me out to be far more of a goof than I am." Quickly, he takes his hands to her face, holding onto her cheeks and leaning down, getting at eye level with the girl. "Okay, no, m’still a bit of a fool. But I do know a bit of what’m doin’—I am 1300 years old.” Standing up straight again, he looked down at her. The year’d been long; and there were times where he nearly hadn’t come back. It became too hard, though, the not knowing. Trenzalore’d taught him that. It was better to know than live in mystery. “No, no,” He quickly retorted, bringing a hand to run through his hair. “If there’s anyone, Clara, anyone, I’ve got confidence in…it’s you. It’s me I haven’t got th’confidence in, I s’pose.”

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"The brand new ancient blue box. Oh clever. Very clever. Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue.” 

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Doctor Who —> Hugs meme:

  • Doctor + (Fem) Companions // Bad vs Good Times
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"Who are they?"

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